Acadia 11" Inner-Spring Dual Layers Mattress

11.25" Thick | Medium Feel | Comfort Foam
Balance Innerspring | Foam Encasement |
10-Year Warranty

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With a 10 year warranty, easy delivery, risk-free trial, simple returns, this is the perfect mattress for anyone who likes a spring mattress that's the just the right firmness. 

The 11.25" Pillow Top Medium-Feel Quilted Pillow Top Cover with Dual Layers: OmniSense Comfort Foam has:

  • 2 Layers of Support Foam

  • Balance Spring Support System

  • 360Degree Foam Encasement

  • Base Support Foam

  • Comfort Level – Medium-Feel 
  • FR Barrier with Soft Loft Foam Quilting & Aloe Vera Fabrics – For your peace of mind and comfort, all bedding Sleep Products mattresses include fire resistant barriers made of natural and synthetic fibers that meet all required federal standards. Painstaking care is taken in our mattress construction to provide the most comfortable luxurious quilting materials to enhance the comfort of our aloe Vera stretch knit covers.
  • Soft Loft Comfort Foam with Ultra Comfort Support Upholstery – Experience the cushioned comfort layers of individually responsive, body-conforming foams. This soothing mattress layer ease’s pressure points and reduce tossing and turning while whisking  you away to a better night’s sleep.
  • Duraspring Posture Plus Innerspring – Posture Plus innerspring construction boasts the latest in coil design technology with its unique shape and patented wire process. A stronger, thinner and lighter coil maintains innerspring integrity and creates a comfortable sleep surface that is responsive to the body as weight shifts, reacting immediately to natural sleep movements. Self-adjusting for proper spinal alignment and individual body contour, this construction provides lasting support for reparative sleep.
  • Total 360° Encased Construction – Bedding Products are configured with an extra firm 3” perimeter of solid edge support and surround various components of the innerspring and framing. This perimeter reinforcement facilitates the secure attachment and alignment of support and comfort overlying materials to improve the function and support characteristics of the innerspring.
  • All Wood Foundation - Adjustable Base
  • Cover Choice: Kettle Bell
  • Cover Tech: Dual Layer
  • Foam Tech: OmniSense Comfort Foam
  • Warranty – 10 year Non-prorated


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