Jennifer Roachon Google

2 months ago

Great place. We were looking for an inexpensive, but good quality mattress for a guest room for my elderly, arthritic mother. Called ahead and was immediately helped. As soon as we showed up, several models were ready for us to try. We stayed within out budget and even received assistance wrapping and loading. Very happy.
Maggie McGlothinon Google

4 months ago

Fair price for a great mattress, and super quick delivery. Great experience. I recommend highly!
Neil Fabboon Google

9 months ago

No delivery...dirty. Respone to Response: We visited your store and left without making a purchase because it was Dirty and No delivery or take away service. So you wouldn't have me as a customer because we didn't buy anything. My review was as a shopper and not a customer.
Tariq Sabiron Google

a year ago

A co worker of mines told me about Rdu. The service is great, prices and they take care of there customers.
Jessica Kon Google

a year ago

There were some communucation flukes with regards to the order and delivery process, but I got a king mattress for a great price and was pretty satisfied overall.