Jamison Mattress

Jamison has been in the mattress business since 1883. They have changed with the times and now offer two lines of mattresses - one innerspring and another memory foam. They often co-brand with other companies or hotels, like Mariott to sell the hotel feel to consumers.

Mattress Score

 Overall Score: 7.5/10
Customer Satisfaction: 7.4/10
Price Value:  7.2/10
No Back Pain:  6.9/10
Average Price Point:  $1495-$2250
Trial Period:  No Trial

Jamison's Specifics

Jamison Mattress is a brand of Solstice Mattresses that are well known for their resort hotel collections that are oftentimes found in Mariott, Holiday Inn, and Courtyard hotels among others. Their mattresses are traditional hybrid and innerspring offerings and they have a variety of mattress collections to choose from. .

Quality of Materials

Jamison mattresses 

do well when it comes to initial feel. They come with high profiles at over 10'' usually. However, one thing to note is that the hospitality collection mattresses only have a 5 year warranty. These mattresses are designed to be swapped out quickly and normal consumers may find that they are not as durable as other brands. In terms of craftsmanship, these mattresses are designed to have good initial feel, but having that feel last is a different story.

Mattress Types

Jamison mattress has a variety of collections that are mostly featured in hotels across the country. They also sell direct to customers and through retail locations for those that find out about their mattresses through hotel clients. Here are the details on their collections:

Hospitality Collection

Jamison's Hospitality collection is their most popular with Mariott, Holiday Inn, and Courtyard using their mattresses across the country. These mattresses feature traditional innerspring and hybrid mattress offerings. They also offer both high end and low grade mattresses in this collection. Their high end Ultra Pillowtop mattress features multiple layers of pocketed coils, gel memory foam and a 13'' inch profile height. Their lower grade Elite 100 mattress comes with a 10'' profile height, a traditional innerspring matrix and one layer of comfort foam. Depending on what you get, the initial feel can be better or worse depending. However, these mattresses are not made to last decades or more as hotels go through mattress replacements faster than consumers. 

The pros: A variety of high end and mid-grade mattress options that feel like famous hotels.

Resort Hotel Collection

The pros: A variety of high end hotel mattresses with a good initial feel.

Jamison's Resort Hotel Collection is a higher end take on their hospitality mattresses. These mattresses are used at resorts and hotels while also being sold to end-consumers. They come with a longer warranty than the Hospitality Collection at 10 years, and they come in a variety of firmness and material types. They feature latex, gel memory foam, and pocketed coils
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