Affordable Mattresses in Raleigh

Corsicana is a leader in mattress value with some of the most affordable options on the market today. Corsicana models are available in a range of comforts from soft to very firm, with most prices under $1,000, making Corsicana mattresses a great choice for just about anyone. Corsicana's Cool Reflections, and Sleep Inc sub-brands offer different designs to accommodate every kind of sleeper.

Corsicana's Sleep Inc models tend toward the medium-soft range of our Comfort Scale, with a few firmer options available. Sleep Inc mattresses feature TENCEL fabric covers on top of a variety of comfort foams such as Convoluted Quilt Foam, ComfortU Foam, and gel-infused memory foam. TENCEL fabric helps regulate the temperature of the sleeping surface while the various foam layers are strategically stacked to give each model a specific level of comfort. Sleep Inc mattresses also use either the 5-Zone Pocketed Innerspring System or Offset Innerspring System for base support. Sleep Inc mattresses are backed by a 10 year warranty, making them an incredible value considering their low price point.

If you are shopping for an affordable, name brand innerspring mattress, Corsicana Sleep Inc models are a great solution. If you are interested in a foam mattress with temperature regulating properties, Corsicana's Cool Reflections mattresses feature Corsicana gel foam. While Sleep Inc's TENCEL covers and gel-infused memory foam also help regulate temperature, the Cool Reflections line was designed for it. But if you are instead shopping for the best value on an innerspring mattress, the Sleep Inc line is an excellent choice. Corsicana mattresses are made in the U.S.A. from high-quality components to ensure lasting comfort and value.