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12" Nightsbridge Plush BNB


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Nightsbridge 12" Plush Mattress

The Cooling Comfort and Responsive Support you want with the feel and thickness options that you need. 
The Nightsbridge 12" plush mattress is designed to deliver an immediate plush, soft feel.
Featuring conforming softness combined with ergonomic support for your best nights sleep. The top layer contains a combination of Soft ANC+ and GEL-Cool Gel-Infused HD memory foams, that deliver support in balance with comfort in addition to help reduce pressure-point and offers cooling comfort. Underneath, layers of Kelv-Cool Graphite-Infused HD memory foam and Dynamic Response MicroCoil Cool Compression create an open cell structure that enhance airflow and heat dissipation, while also conforming to your body.

Soft HR ANC+ and Firm ANS foams provide a dynamic response for an immediate conforming, relaxing feel resistant to body impressions. The IsoCore Support System with Edge Zoning, offers a unique design that ergonomically supports the body and promotes motion isolation with zoned edge support for better stability and consistency. This mattress contains CertiPUR-US® certified foams made without harmful chemicals. Finally, this hybrid mattress comes conveniently delivered in a box.

Kelv-Cool Graphite-Infused High Density Memory Foam

Graphite Infusion creates thermal conductivity for effective and efficient heat dissipation, delivering a cooler sleep throughout the night.


GEL-Cool Gel-Infused High Density Memory Foam Lumbar Zone Support Layer

All the pressure-relieving properties of Memory Foam with Gel Infusion for cooling temperature control.
Additional back and lumbar support for enhanced performance.

Dynamic-Response MicroCoil Cool Compression Layer

Many tiny coils independently conform to body contours.
dynamically support the body for the perfect balance of comfort and support.

All-Night Support+ Foam

Delivers support in balance with comfort for a superior support layer that is resistant to body impressions.

IsoCore Support System with Edge Zoning

Unique design ergonomically supports the body and reduces partner disturbance with zoned edge support for better stability and consistency.
Open design ensures airflow, breathability and efficient heat transfer.

No harmful chemicals

All foam is proudly made in the U.S.A. and Certi-PUR® Certified to comply to all rigorous testing standards.

Quilting Layers:
Quilted Cover
Soft ANC+ Foam
GEL-Cool Gel-Infused HD Memory Foams
Soft ANC+ Foam

Comfort Layers:
Kelv-Cool™ Graphite-Infused HD Memory Foam
Dynamic-Response MicroCoil Cool Compression Layer
Soft HR ANC+ Foam
Firm ANS+ Foam

Support System:

IsoCore Support System with Edge Zoning
Base Support Pad


NightsBridge Premium Bedding is for those who desire the pampering and opulent luxury feels of top-of-the-line, proven, premium brands. For those who want to experience elevated features and benefits, technology breakthroughs and the highest performing components, NightsBridge is the right choice. We’ve created high-end mattresses that rival any of the premium brands in every way except for the price. Finally, there’s a luxury mattress that will satisfy your indulgent side— but with a price that appeals to your practical side.  NightsBridge Premium Bedding is for anyone who wants the very best money can buy, even when you are fortunate enough to pay an affordable price