Crazy Quilt 9

Crazy Quilt 9" Inner-Spring Mattress

9" Thick | Best Value | Medium Feel | Inner-spring
3-Year Warranty

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The Crazy Quilt

Available in:  Euro-Top 

This is a 9" quality medium-feel mattress that we're able to offer at a lower price by ordering a large quantity in mismatching fabric patterns. Its a thicker, foam-encased version of our Factory Select. If you don't mind an non-typical color pattern under your sheets, you can get a great bed for less!

5-Year Warranty

Local delivery for only $50

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This is the perfect mattress for anyone who needs a new bed at an extremely affordable price.

  • Comfort Level – Cushion Euro
  • Fire Resistant Barrier with Foam Quilting – For your peace of mind and safety, all Solstice Sleep Products mattresses include Fire Resistant Barriers. Made of natural and synthetic fibers, they help sequester flame and confine the spread of fire. Painstaking care is taken in our mattress construction and we are proud to meet all required federal standards addressing mattress flammability and open-flame fire resistance.
  • Ultra Comfort Support Upholstery – Material Fibers specially blended to improve performance properties such as, durability, strength, abrasion resistance, absorbency, and comfort.
  • Dura-spring Innerspring – Bonnell inners-pring system boasts heavier gauge lacing and coils that increases coil stability and provides years of lasting comfort. This stronger and more durable spring system made from 95% recycled steel maintains innerspring integrity and creates a more comfortable sleep surface that adjusts its firmness as more weight and pressure is applied to the spring system.
  • All Wood Foundation